Grace Pearson Alumni Leadership Scholarship

Scholarship History

During the Summer and Fall of 2001, one University of Kansas alumnus articulated a dream to nine of his alumni friends - to establish a scholarship for a Grace Pearson Scholarship Hall (GP) resident. The friends enthusiastically supported the idea in part due to the bonds developed between them as a result of their years as residents of GP.

After much discussion the group decided to take a unique approach to the scholarship. Rather than focus on academics or fields of study, they decided to encourage the behaviors of leadership and participation in Grace Pearson and outside community activities.

The desire of the GP10 was to unite all Grace Pearson alumni past and present in an effort to establish a fully endowed scholarship through the Kansas University Endowment Association (KUEA). The fund achieved permanent, fully-endowed status in 2007.

While still utilizing the KUEA process, the intent for future awards is to develop a unique, if not irreverent, actual application to draw out the distinctive personal traits and experiences of the applicants. The objective is to determine the applicant that will continue to demonstrate leadership and community involvement.