Grace Pearson Alumni Leadership Scholarship



  1. The Grace Pearson Alumni Scholarship Committee (GPASC) is responsible, along with KU Student Housing and the University of Kansas Endowment Association, for overseeing the Grace Pearson Alumni Leadership Scholarship (GPALS).


  1. The founding members of the GPASC are Rick Arnoldy, Chris Courtwright, Bob Duran, Phil Duran, Gene Field, Dennis Linse, Tom Magliery, Tom Matches, Paul McAllister, and Fred Sherman. Future members of the GPASC are to include GPALS recipients, and other GP alumni who may be added by a two-thirds majority vote of the GPASC. The GPASC is to hold an annual meeting for as many members as can attend in October in or around the Lawrence/Kansas City area.

Fund Raising

  1. The goal of the GPASC is to raise funds to provide for (1) an annual GPALS for a returning member of Grace Pearson Hall of $500 and (2) additional monies earmarked for building an endowed GPALS under the auspices of the Kansas University Endowment Association. The number, size, and award criteria of scholarships may change on an annual basis by a two-thirds majority vote of the GPASC.

  2. GPASC members are further responsible for maintaining contact with and soliciting additional fund raising from other Grace Pearson alumni.

Award Criteria

  1. The GPALS is an annual award, to be given to the recipient who, in the judgment of the committee:

    1. Has demonstrated leadership through service to others in the University and the community at large;
    2. Maintains a lifestyle balanced in academic, social, and service activities;
    3. Has earned the respect of his peers by his example of leadership;
    4. Is a returning resident in good academic standing who has lived in the hall for at least three consecutive semesters through the semester the scholarship is awarded;
    5. Is committed to returning to the hall during the upcoming fall semester.
    Additionally, the recipient is requested to participate in the selection process for any subsequent awards while a resident of GP.


  1. The GPASC timeline will follow the normal KUEA scholarship cycle. This includes the approximate dates for application submission and dispensing of the funds.

  2. KU Student Housing is responsible for forwarding to the GPASC the names of the finalists expected to be eligible under these parameters for the GPALS to be awarded in the upcoming spring semester.

  3. The finalists will submit whatever written materials are requested by the GPASC. Additionally, the GPASC may request the candidates to interview before a GPASC panel.

  4. The GPASC panel will forward to the remaining GPASC members all written materials received from the finalists, as well as a recommendation of the panel as to the recipient of the GPALS.

  5. The GPASC panel will submit a non-binding recommendation to the GPASC.

General Requirements

  1. Unless otherwise noted, provisions in these by-laws may be changed by a two-thirds majority vote of the GPASC.