Grace Pearson Alumni Leadership Scholarship

How to Donate

If you'd like to donate online, visit the GPALS page at the KU Endowment Association, or go to the general donations page and specify "Grace Pearson (38449/05797)" to be sure that your donation goes to our scholarship!

Any contribution that you make to the GPALS scholarship fund may qualify for a tax deduction and may be eligible for a matching gift from your employer.

List of Donors

The Grace Pearson Alumni Leadership Scholarship Committee (GPASC) thanks the following donors for their generosity. We appreciate your pride and concern for Grace Pearson Scholarship Hall, its residents, and the University of Kansas.

Mark S. Arnold
Richard Arnoldy
James R. & Barbara J. Barrett
Howard P. Bauleke
Kenneth Beal
Scott D. Boling
Karol R. Brecheisen
Timothy S. Bredehoft
Steven Burghart
Joseph Burwinkle
William A. Calderwood
David & Cheryl S. Campanini
Theodore L. & Sumie Y. Childers II
Chris W. & Theresa M. Courtwright
David T. Courtwright
Sara Dacey
Thomas Del Greco
David & Susan Matches DeLano
Chris & Nancy L. Dembny
Peter DeWitt
Stacy DeWitt
Norman D. Dudey
Phillip D. Duran
Robert M. & Celia J. Duran
Thomas Erickson
David P. Everett
Gene L. Field
James P. Florez
Randy O. Frost
Sue Stout Frost
Glenn Gibson
Marilyn Leidig Gridley
Roy E. Gridley

Eileen Morris Guenther
Ian J. Guenther
Roy J. Guenther
Adam F. Halabi
Jennifer J. Halabi
Norbert Herman
Jason D. Hibbeler
Ted Holcomb
Jeffrey W. Huyett
Alex Hwang
Allison Hwang
Grace Hwang
Paul M. Hwang
David L. Johnson
Darren Karst
Stephen & Mary Thrapp Keeler
Mark Landin
James J. LeBlanc
Amy S. Lerman
Michael Linenberger
Dennis J. Linse
Scott M. Long
Michael B. Lubbers
Michael S. Mader
Thomas P. Magliery
Alvin & Sarah Matches
Thomas A. Matches
John D. Mauk, Jr.
Kirk McAlexander
Paul M. McAllister
Stephen R. & Suzanne McAllister
Gary H. & Lou A. McClelland
Todd M. McFarland

Gene Meyer
Rabbi Adam F. Miller
Kelman Miller
Brian P. Nelson
Douglas Niedens
Kenneth L. O'Connor
John C. & Rebecca Reed Pokorny
Jeffrey & Anne Randolph
John R. Regier
Curtis B. & Donna Lea Reinhardt
Edward J. & Margery A. Robertson
Steven Schaefer
Greg Schlender
Jim Schneider
Kenneth A. & Virginia Aeschleman Schwartz
Chris Sexton
Frederick L. & Susan B. Sherman
Joseph Shields
Robert L. Simison
Carol Engler Stevenson
Todd E. Stevenson
Eric J. Stuecheli
Mark C. Stover
Shawn P. Tunink
Douglas I. Tunison
Dr. Victor E. Viola
Donald R. Wallace
Charles Wasson
James H. & Lisa McElhee-White
Richard Whitley
Allan Wicker
Tod & Linda McCune Woods